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                    CHEMICAL PORT PRICES - INDIA

                    Stay updated with open market pricing information and analysis on commonly traded commodity chemicals. Utilize the prompt and precise pricing data to comprehend the workings of the dynamic chemical industry to make profitable trade decisions within minutes. The pricing data is collected from a network of reporters, distributors, producers, traders and subject-matter experts. The dissemination of chemicals pricing information on Polymerupdate is supported by an in-house team of experienced editors and stringers.

                    Products Covered:

                    • 2EH
                    • Acetic Acid
                    • B D G E (Europe)
                    • B.G.E
                    • BUTYL ACRYLATE MONOMER
                    • METHANOL
                    • N Hexane
                    • N PROPANOL
                    • PROPYLENE GLYCOL
                    • VAM
                    • C10
                    • C9
                    • CAUSTIC SODA LYE
                    • CYCLOHEXANONE
                    • EDC
                    • Iso Propyl Alcohol
                    • MEK
                    • STYRENE
                    • TOLUENE

                    Services offered:

                    • News Online
                    • News Archives
                    • Prices (Kandla, Mumbai, Mundhra)

                    Markets covered:

                    • Mumbai
                    • Kandla
                    • Mundhra


                    • A must-have and indispensable service for individuals and organizations associated with chemical markets across the world.
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                    Note : Due to the on-going lock-down in India, followed by closure of various warehouses, ports and factories, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there would be no current price updates for Chemical prices. Last prices were updated on March 23, 2020. Your co-operation and understanding is highly appreciated.

                    Chemical Bulk Prices

                    10 Jun 2020
                    Product Ports
                    Price (Rs./Kg) Change (Rs./Kg
                    ACETIC ACID Mumbai
                    ACETONE Mumbai
                    ACETONE Kandla
                    BUTYL ACRYLATE MONOMER Kandla
                    BUTYL DIGLYCOL ETHER Kandla
                    CAUSTIC SODA LYE Mumbai
                    CYCLOHEXANONE Kandla
                    METHANOL Kandla
                    METHYL ETHYL KETONE [MEK] Kandla
                    MIBK Kandla
                    MIXED XYLENE Kandla
                    N HEXANE Kandla
                    N PROPANOL Kandla
                    NBA Kandla
                    ORTHO-XYLENE Mumbai
                    PHENOL Kandla
                    PROPLYENE GLYCOL Kandla
                    SOLVENT C 9 Kandla
                    STYRENE Kandla
                    TOLUENE Kandla
                    TOLUENE Mumbai
                    VINYL ACETATE MONOMER Kandla
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                    • (Prices mentioned above are latest open-market prices and are subject to change)
                    • (Note : These prices are in Rs/kg basic)






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